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We work with our customers from the food industry to develop strategies and organisational concepts across all relevant corporate sectors, such as for suppliers, investors or administrative bodies. More and more, the food industry is facing rising competitive pressure, price wars with commercial partners, increasing quality requirements imposed by legislators and dwindling brand loyalty on the part of consumers. In order to meet these challenges, rantronik supports you in the development and implementation of a modern food chain management system that combines production, packing and logistics with effective marketing strategies.

Your challenges in the food industry and our solutions

Rising cost pressure, triggered by price wars with commercial partners, cumulative discount campaigns, new competitors with new retail channels ‒ such as the growth in online mail-order business ‒ and the high proportion of promotional products is increasingly undermining the reliability of planning for food manufacturers. At the same time, consumer demand for greater product sustainability and quality is growing as well. These factors necessitate a permanent adaptation and optimisation of procurement, production and distribution.
rantronik develops strategies to capture new markets and sales channels for clients from the food industry. In the process, we take into account both the necessary adjustments to their supply chain management and the changing needs of existing commercial partners, for example with regard to transport and supply. We aim to holistically and sustainably optimise the entire value creation chain. From procurement and production to establishing effective sales and marketing concepts.


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