Success comes down to people

Interpersonal relationships play a vital role in effective coaching. Openness, reliability and trust are at the heart of any successful collaboration. rantronik provides support to executive staff in management and project management, giving them the soft skills essential for their future responsibilities with a practical orientation. They substantially benefit from our "outside perspective" and intuitively acquire appropriate methods and approaches.

Coaching specialists and managers

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African proverb
  • Prerequisites
    To begin with, you should have identified your coaching requirements during a current project or in a management position, as well as having an explicit interest in coaching. If you are looking for new, alternative methods and solutions, rantronik ‒ as a confidential partner ‒ will work together with you to develop tailor-made approaches. We work together as equals to devise measures to optimise your projects, processes or structures.
  • Individuality and sustainability
    Together with your project manager or manager, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business, as well as the opportunities it could exploit. Based on this analysis, we carry out coaching tailored especially to your requirements, using appropriate mechanisms and management tools. We perform regular reviews to ensure that your objectives are sustainably attained, in order to secure long-term commercial success.
  • Coaching objectives
    The objectives of rantronik coaching are to promote efficient communication and establish stable structures in your business. In particular, this covers learning management skills for supervising and motivating, optimally organising work and creating strategic concepts. In addition, we coach you on how to successfully deal with challenges or crisis situations, as well as how to optimise existing processes.
  • Coaching where the action takes place or "off the beaten track"
    You experience individual, efficient and effective coaching on-site where your current project is based, or within your business for managerial duties, seeing how to put theory into practice first-hand in accordance with the principle of "learning by doing". If requested, we can also offer you smaller, entirely tailor-made coaching seminars away from the bustle of everyday work, for example on our company's cruiser on Lake Constance.

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