Interim Management

Give your management breathing space.

We support your management in research and development, production, sales, purchasing, marketing and shop-floor management. In this context, a holistic approach to the specific task is always rantronik's top priority. Thanks to our practical experience and established industry expertise in the pharmaceuticals, medical engineering, automotive and mechanical engineering sectors and food industry, we can take on temporary management positions, for example to cover personnel shortages or in crisis situations. Interim management offers you the opportunity to benefit from our huge expertise and outside perspective in a highly flexible low-risk arrangement. We temporarily manage your business ‒ capably, comprehensively, objectively and faithfully.

Our services as interim managers:

  • Directing purchasing and materials management
    We take responsibility for your strategic purchasing, supplier management, risk management and product group management. We implement your purchasing activities across a number of international locations and optimise and innovate your internal and external processes. In the process, we procure manufacturing systems for specific projects, as well as managing e-procurement projects and introducing C-part management.
  • Managing sales and marketing
    Our interim managers take responsibility for strategic and operative marketing decisions in your business. You can rely on our staff's expertise, regardless of whether they are defining product and pricing strategies, building an efficient distribution system or implementing national and international brand strategies. By optimising communications, image and service concepts, as well as integrated customer relationship management, we pursue the aim of lasting customer loyalty, resulting in commercial success in the long term.
  • Process optimisation and change management
    Process optimisation is an essential part of our interim management service. By deploying management tools tailored to your business, such as business process reengineering, lean management or Six Sigma, we are able to achieve optimisations in production, project management or quality management, among other areas. In crisis situations in particular, our "outside perspective" and use of comprehensive change management often produce positive results.
  • Organising your shop-floor management
    Thanks to our daily operations at the point where value is created, as well as in administration and in production, we are continuously improving your processes. In this respect, we focus on what we consider to be the three most important aspects:
    1. Creating transparency, for example by designing a system of key performance indicators and visualising current and target states.
    2. Organising and cultivating structured collaboration between managers and staff.
    3. Establishing structured procedures and operating principles so that issues in the operational process can be remedied in a goal-oriented manner, from the managing director down to individual employees.
  • Managing your research and development department
    The paramount importance, complexity and long-term costs of innovation in research and development call for integrated, well-founded management decisions. We assist your business with regard to product developments, market and technology analyses and change management processes, as well as in the integration of external development partners and new technologies. We always actively involve your staff in every task, consideration and process, so that they themselves gradually become a driver of your innovation.

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