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rantronik – your project, in safe hands.

Our professional ethics mean that we always draw on our diligence, reliability, thoroughness and interpersonal skills, relying on the latest methods, to complete our clients' assignments in a goal-oriented and efficient manner. Our aim is to eliminate weaknesses, build on strengths, minimise risks and seize opportunities so that together we can effect successful, positive change ‒ and always with complete sensitivity to the situation and all those involved. At rantronik, our clients are always assured that their project is in safe hands.

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What sets rantronik apart from other consulting companies:

We aim to win the trust of everyone involved in every project, and vindicate that trust with our structured, transparent approach and total commitment. We identify weak points and opportunities using our outside perspective and work together with you to find, develop and establish new, forward-thinking approaches. That's because every time we take on a project, your objective becomes our objective.


We want to convince you ‒ not just talk you round to our point of view. With our professional and personal expertise. Extensive consultation and communication on your ideas, expectations and goals, with all those involved, are a constant feature of our work, across every project.


rantronik has been providing consultancy services to successful businesses around the world from the pharmaceuticals, medicine, food, automotive and mechanical engineering industries since 2008.


Thanks to our expert services, transparent and structured methods and use of the latest means of communication, we achieve joint project goals according to defined specifications and at set times.


We are always attentive to optimising your price-performance ratio, gathering equivalent bids based on meaningful tender documents to help you reach a decision.
You always retain decision-making authority ‒ we do not seek to act as a turnkey supplier.


We develop tailor-made concepts in order to implement your requirements, taking into account what is technically and economically feasible. Our consulting, planning and management on your behalf helps us to find the ideal solutions for your individual requirements ‒ without tying you to a specific range of products or services.


We monitor all the project stages we agree with you, providing information about the current status of the project on an ongoing basis. This means you benefit from our constant knowledge sharing with our clients and suppliers and continuous dialogue with our network partners.

Our key areas of expertise

Our staff have comprehensive expertise acquired over the course of their long-standing work in a wide variety of industrial businesses and sectors. Our core areas lie in the pharmaceuticals, medical and food industries, as well as the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. As your partner on national and international matters alike, we speak your language ‒ whether that's English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or Spanish.

Pharmaceutical companies

rantronik offers pharmaceutical companies a broad spectrum of global consulting services and solutions. From the early stages of product development and clinical studies all the way through to submitting applications for new product approvals.

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Medical engineering companies

Growing cost pressures in the healthcare sector and increasingly strict quality requirements are placing ever greater demands on manufacturers of medical devices. rantronik provides professional support in organising your business processes and change management.

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Food industry

We work with our customers from the food industry to develop strategies and organisational concepts across all relevant corporate sectors, such as for suppliers, investors or administrative bodies.

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Automotive sector

The automotive sector is currently undergoing a period of fundamental upheaval and change.

Our strategic consulting services range from weak-point analysis, concept development, creating tender documents and requirements specifications to supervising installation and machine acceptances.

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Mechanical engineering sector

Mechanical engineers face particular challenges in their technically and commercially complex product and service businesses – just one example of which is the rapid advance of digitalisation, otherwise known as Industry 4.0. rantronik addresses these challenges head-on and works together with you to develop sustainable strategies for running a successful business in a climate of increasing competitive pressure internationally.

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Energy saving

Whether a showroom, office or production or storage facility – every space has light bulbs, and therefore the potential for significant savings. Being an entrepreneur, do you struggle to find the time and resources to deal with this issue?

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